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The Baptist Confession of Faith (1689)

Explanation of the Holy Bible by:  Luther, John Calvin, Matthew Henry


DJK : Baptism is not the replacement of circumcision. The righteousness of the law – do that and you will live – were kept in the uncircumcision (foreskin), Rom.2:26. These rights man had lost due to his fall in Adam. The apostle testifies of this: And the commandment, which was ordained to life, I found to be unto death. Through the circumcision therefore a stone knife of righteousness was put in the flesh of the man, especially where from he could give seed to be fruitful. After which the cut foreskin was buried in the ground. From the first Adam no fruits forever more, that your fruits be found in Me, said the Lord Jesus Christ. A woman in Israël was not circumcised because she could only bear seed and fruits from her husband. Because the chosen or elected spiritual Israël is the Bride of Jesus Christ, and therefore this Bride consists out of men and women, she also can bear only fruit through faith by her second Husband, Rom.7:4b-6. When Christ received salvation for His Bride Church, the sword of God’s righteousness passed through His innocent flesh, that all the transgressions of His Bride Church might be condemned in His adopted human flesh. That the demand of the law should be fulfilled spiritually in His chosen Bride Church, who walk not according to her carnal flesh, but according to the Spirit, Rom.8:3-4. In the application and bestowal of this Salvation by God the Holy Spirit the bride of Christ is circumcised (Col.2:11) by a spiritual circumcision done without hands (Col.2:12-13), being buried with Him in baptism, Rom.6:4-7. The going under in the baptismal water is therefore a sign of the spiritual cut-off and killing of the reign of Adam under a broken covenant, therefore there is no righteousness or holiness from the works of the flesh, and the rise from the baptismal water is a sign of the spiritual incorporation in the Second Adam under a fulfilled law, applied and glorified by the Spirit of the Promise. Hence, no uncircumcised eating of the flesh of the innocent substitute slaughtered lamb were not permitted to join, Ex.12:44-48, John6:53-57, after which Israël exalts towards the Red Sea. The blood of the slaughtered Passover lamb and the water in the pillar of cloud has led Israël out into freedom, compare Ephesians 1:13. Through the Red Sea (= referral of baptism after salvation), Israël was led into the desert under the pillar of cloud and fire, where they had chanted and sung, eaten daily from the heavenly manna, drank from the water of the rock, received Gods’ holy law in liberty laid in the ark of the covenant (= referral of the fulfilled law in Jesus Christ), and have been taught further in their salvation from the house of bondage by the tabernacle service. The service of ceremonies in the dessert was a referral of the reign of the gospel. So equally the shed blood at the burnt offering altar and the copper laver were the entrance to the golden table with shewbreads and the golden seven-armed Chandler (menorah) in the Holy Place. The fruits of this (spiritual) service was the incense altar. The believing Church of Christ has been spiritually baptized in the deadly curse of His death on the cross on Golgotha (Rom.6:3) to the destruction and burial of sins, baptized into one Body (= Church of Christ) of which Christ is the Head (Gal.3:27) whereby they one of meaning and feeling, and watered to one Spirit (1Cor.12:13, Rom.8:9-11, 1Peter3:8, Phil.2:2) to sanctification and renewal of life. The external baptism is an image of this. This was the sign of Jonah the prophet!


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